SCOM Agent Installation – Discovery Method

Agent on a remote machine can be deployed either manually, through SCOM discovery, through SCCM packages, etc.

If the agent is being installed on a remote server using the SCOM discovery, then the account should be having the administrative privileges to perform the installation and the SMB ports (139 & 445) should be open between SCOM servers (gateway in terms of customer) and remote servers. Once we execute a discovery for the given set of devices, we can select the servers where all we need to install and configure the agents remotely from SCOM itself. Please be noted that whenever we push the agents from SCOM, we don’t need to configure the agents (like we will configure during manual installation) since this will be taken care by SCOM itself.

Once the agent is pushed to the remote machine, it doesn’t impact or break any other things/tasks running on the remote machine. Also wont be having any performance degradation on the target machine. But please be noted that once the installation task has been initiated, it won’t be able to cancel till it completes. But as a roll back perspective, we can uninstall the agent from “Programs and Features” control panel.

Please find the step by step method to push SCOM agent through discovery method

  1. Open SCOM operation console and clink on Discovery Wizard
  2. agent1
  3. Select windows computer and click Next


4 Select the advanced discovery and select the management server,Click next

5 Select 2 option and paste the server name like below and click next


6 In administrative account supply the admin user/pwd. Remember account which you are using for agent push must be part of local admin group of all scope servers.Click discoveragent6

7 You can see the discovered server


8 Click next and finish