SCOM gateway server installation Step by step method

SCOM gateway server installation Step by step method-applicable for SCOM 2007,2012,2016

Hi Guys,

I am writing this post because I could not find any detailed post for SCOM gateway installation. Never mind after reading this post you will able to deploy SCOM gateway server easily.

Make sure port 5723 is by directional enabled between SCOM gateway server and SCOM management server.

You can check by login to gateway server,open the CMD and type telnet SCOM MS ip 5723 .you should able to connect.

What is SCOM gateway server?

SCOM gateway server helps to monitor non trusted domain server, DMZ server, workgroup servers. Gateway server is similar as SCOM management server but it does not communicate with database directly or indirectly.

Why we use SCOM gateway Server and how it works

SCOM gateway use for monitoring un trusted domain servers.  That’s mean if some servers not of your domain or they part of different domain, you can use SCOM gateway server to monitor those servers.

All the non-trusted SCOM agent server reporting to SCOM gateway server and gateway server compress the data and send to SCOM management server.

Installing gateway server is similar as workgroup server monitoring.

  1. You must have certificate server to generate certificate for SCOM MS server and Gateway Server. If you have enterprise CA servers that well and good. You can create 2 certificates, one for your management server and other for your gateway server. Download the root chain certificate.


For example

SCOM Management server-

SCOM Gateway server        


You have to create certificate for and


  1. Login to your SCOM management server. Import the SCOM management server certificate in certificate personal folder and root chain certificate in trusted folder.
  2. After importing the certificate you can run the MOMcert Import in SCOM management server.
  3. Now in management server open command prompt run as administrator and run the gateway approval tool. After successfully gateway approval tool,you will able to see the gateway server in scom administrative console, management server. Gateway server should be in unmonitored state. Now work is over in SCOM management server.
  4. Login to SCOM gateway server. Import the SCOM gateway server certificate and root certificate.
  5. Run the Gateway setup. Remember you have to give SCOM management group name and SCOM management server name.
  6. Now open CMD as administrator and run the MOM cert import tool.
  7. Wow it’s done. Just restart the health service in gateway server and check the status in SCOM console.

Steps in SCOM Managemnet server

  1. Import the certificate
  2. Run the momcertimport tool
  3. Run Gateway approval tool

Steps in SCOM gateway server

  1. Import the gateway certificate
  2. Run the gateway installation
  3. Run the momcertimport tool
  4. Restart the health service.

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