Top Articles This Week

Top Articles This Week


Interactive Console Applications in Java – by Serban Iordache

Java 8 Comparator: How to Sort a List – by Mario Pio Gioiosa

REST in Hypermedia With Java (Part 1) [Video] – by Sebastian Daschner

Hardcode Server IPs in Apps – by Bozhidar Bozhanov

Let’s Encrypt Everything – by Jeff Atwood

How to Overcome Common Software Security Training Hurdles – by David Harvey

Load Testing and Stress Testing – by Rohit Sharma

5 Things You Need to Know About Cybersecurity – by Carol Jon

Most Frequent Performance Bottlenecks – by Ivo Magi

5 More Best Practices for Test-Driven Development (TDD) – by Subhendu Pattnaik

The Software Tester: Modern vs. Traditional – by Gina Kawalek

10 DevOps Interview Questions to Gauge a Candidate’s Real Knowledge – by Emanuel Peri

An Overview of IoT Analytics Maturity – by Ritesh Sinha

The Internet of Things Is Systems – by Christopher Lamb

Zone Defense in a Connected World – by Jeffrey Lewis

Health Checking Your Docker Containers – by Arun Gupta

Processing Data Streams With Amazon Kinesis and MongoDB Atlas – by Andrew Morgan

The Coming of the Kubernetes Distributions – by Gareth Rushgrove

3 Reasons to Estimate With Story Points – by Viktoria Kotsurenko

Git Tutorial: What Is SSH? [Video] – by Trista Sobeck

Self-Help Advice for Software Developers – by Swizec Teller

Big Data/Analytics
70 Use Cases for AI Today – by Adi Gaskell

Big Data Scoop: AI, Data Science, MongoDB, Google Analytics, and More – by Suzanne Rose

These 7 Quotes Show Big Data is Meaningless Without Proper Analytics – by Annie Qureshi

SQL Server on Linux: Boring (And Why That’s Great)
– by Grant Fritchey

Update (crUd) Using Ruby-OCI8 – by Blaine Carter

Using Named Database Locks – by Bozhidar Bozhanov

Top 5 Quality Mobile Application Development Tips – by Himani Kankaria

10 Best Mobile Testing Tools You Can’t Live Without – by Alisha Henderson

Why the App Gap on Windows Phone/10 Mobile Is a Bigger Problem Than I Thought – by Marco Siccardi

RESTful API Authentication Basics – by Guy Levin

Keep Your Promises: Contract-Based Testing for JAX-RS APIs – by Andriy Redko

SDK Patterns for Accelerating API Integration – by James Higginbotham

Web Dev
Build and Authenticate a NodeJS App With JSON Web Tokens: Part II – by Ado Kukic

Recipe for Getting Started With Spring Boot and Angular 2 – by Biju Kunjummen

ngMigrate Helps You Move from AngularJS 1.x to Angular 2 – by Jim Duffy




REST With Java 8

See how you can build your own REST services with Java, Maven, and the Spark Java framework. Read »



Introduction to Angular 2 Components

In Angular 2, components perform all the tasks that were performed by Angular 1 controllers, scopes and directives. Read »

Java Microservices: The Cake Is a Lie But You Can’t Ignore It

An in-depth look at developing microservices in Java, with definitions and a number of options, including Spring Boot, Dropwizard, and other open source choices. Read »

Application and Data Security

For the past 9 years, vulnerabilities in software have been the leading cause of security breaches. Although technology advances have simplified writing web applications, implementing secure practices during Agile development grows increasingly complex. This Guide offers a deeper look into challenges and solutions for implementing secure practices.

Download the Guide »