The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson

In this of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson we discuss [01:00] Microsoft Ignite  and give you a recap [09:00] of the foundation session at the event. Brad then shows Azure Active Directory Identity Protection [15:00] and then what’s new in EMS [20:40] including demos of Conditional Access for Apps demo [21:12] and Conditional Access for Windows 10 [26:10]. Finally Brad takes us through the improvements coming in the Azure console which will soon home Microsoft Intune and all of EMS. [34:00]



10 reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is the cloud-ready operating system built to support your current workloads and allow you to transition to the cloud. We’ve taken all of our learnings from Azure and built them right in, packing it full of exciting new innovations and features. Here are ten we think you’ll love.



Microsoft and Intel squeezed hyper-convergence into the overhead bin

With Project Kepler-47, we used Storage Spaces Direct and Windows Server 2016 to build an unprecedentedly low-cost high availability solution to meet remote-office, branch-office needs. It delivers the simplicity and savings of hyper-convergence, with compute and storage in a single two-server cluster, with next to no networking gear, that is very budget friendly.