How to install scom 2012 agent manually

Copy the SCOM 2012/2007 agent file to agent machine.

You can open the SCOM agent setup file.for below example I have kept setup in D drive.You can select the agent setup based on 32/64 bit.

1.Doble click on MOMagent file


  1. click Next


  1. Click I Agree


4.Click Next


  1. Click Next


  1. Please enter Management group name & Management server name.

Management Group You can write management group name

Management Server Gateway/MS server name

if agent is reporting to gateway server you can write the gateway server name or if agent is directly reporting to SCOM MS then you can write the MS name.


  1. click Next

img7 Install


  1. Click finish


Now check in pending management in SCOM management console and approve it.

If agent is not reporting to pending management then you have to check the port 5723 connectivity between agent machine and management/gateway server.If port is opened and still you are receiving port 5723 error in event logs then please do the host file entry.

for any additional error you can check the operation logs for troubleshooting.